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Welcome to Navira


To enhance the beauty and bring out the free spirit in every one who wears Navira. To build a bridge beyond differences of Nationality, Colour and Gender.

Our children's clothing have been made with your family in mind. We have drawn our inspiration from the towns of the Rocky Mountains and the people we've met there, who are often full of creativity along with a love for adventure.


Every piece of clothing has been scrupulously designed in the USA by a self-taught mother who gave up a career in engineering to be with her little ones and follow her passion for design. Each product is handmade with an artistic touch by skilled seamstresses in southern India.


Great care goes into choosing the best international textiles for each garment because we know these clothes will be worn and loved by the ones you love the most.


Of all the fabrics we use to make our clothing, our speciality is kalamkari prints- (kalam means pen & kari means craftmanship) a type of hand-painted or block-printed cotton textile. Only natural dyes is used in kalamkari fabric and thats what drives us to use more of this fabric for your little ones.


The Navira team's motive is to enhance the lives of every individual contributor involved in each stage of our business and do everything in our capacity to make a positive impact on the society.


Our clothing is handcrafted for the free spirited!

It's been a decade long dream to own this business and design the clothing for Navira. A special thanks to my little family who support me in all that I dream of :) Buying from someone's small handcrafted dream can bring in a great change in that person's life, and thanks a million for that.


-Love from

Nisha, Niyaz, Niyat & Nizara.


    *Photo credits : Becca's photography

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